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Study Guide: Religionless Christianity

Study Guide: Religionless Christianity

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A companion study guide for Eric's latest book and follow-up to Letter. RELIGIONLESS CHRISTIANITY: A STUDY GUIDE.

Religionless Christianity Study Guide: A Call to Active Faith

This guide delves into Eric Metaxas's book, "Religionless Christianity," which echoes the ideas of Dietrich Bonhoeffer. It challenges American Christians to move beyond mere religiosity and embrace a vibrant faith that permeates every aspect of life. This active approach, Metaxas argues, holds the key to reviving a declining Christian culture.

Guide Contents:

  • Key Words and Concepts: Definitions of crucial terms used in the book, helping you grasp core ideas.
  • Discussion Questions: Prompts to spark reflection and group discussions, deepening your understanding of the text.
  • Daily Study Practices: Exercises to integrate the book's teachings into your daily life.
  • Prayers: Reflective prayers to guide your personal journey alongside the book.

Using the Guide with "Religionless Christianity: God's Answer to Evil"

This study guide serves as a companion to Metaxas's book, "Religionless Christianity: God's Answer to Evil." By utilizing the various sections, you can gain a richer understanding of the book's message and translate it into action.

Here's how to leverage the guide:

  • Before Reading: Familiarize yourself with the Key Words and Concepts to grasp the book's vocabulary.
  • During Reading: Reflect on the Discussion Questions after each chapter or section.
  • Putting it into Practice: Apply the Daily Study Practices to integrate the book's teachings into your daily routine.
  • Deepening Your Faith: Use the provided prayers to guide your personal reflection and strengthen your connection with the divine.

This comprehensive study guide equips you to:

  • Grasp the core concepts of "Religionless Christianity."
  • Engage in meaningful discussions about active faith.
  • Apply the book's teachings to your daily life.
  • Deepen your personal faith journey.

By actively using this guide alongside Metaxas's book, you can participate in the call for a more vibrant and impactful Christianity

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