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“Letter to the American Church” written by Eric Metaxas.

The film lays out the parallels between early 1930’s Nazi Germany and other totalitarian regimes with what is happening in America today and how the church has been mostly silent facing this evil.

Eric and several leading conservative voices of our time, explain how cultural Marxism has taken over America, including the church. This film is a wake-up call to the church to stand up and speak out against the evil that is manifesting in our country.

Our cast gives practical examples on how to take action and turn our country back to freedom, liberty, and ultimately, God Himself.

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Please pray the film will reach all who can still be reached. Thank you!

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Give or serve in the organizations of our cast members.

Become a member at a local church.

If you are in a church aligned with cultural marxism: Get out.

Know what your child is being taught in public school.

Homeschool your children if possible.

Run for local office & support candidates who reflect your values.

Know your local school board, city council and mayor.

Attend & speak at school board and city council meetings.

Talk to others in your community about what is happening.

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